We understand that our customers don’t want to deal with third-party warranty providers, with their restrictions, exclusions, additional admin and long waits in call centre holding queues.

That’s why we take responsibility for ensuring the continuity of good service by offering our own in-house warranties.

Despite extensive checks and the highest possible standards of preparation, with used cars, sometimes things can go wrong. We want to take this opportunity to let you know, that if anything were to go wrong, just give us a call and we will quickly make a plan to have it fixed, whether you are local or further afield.

You won’t have to undergo endless email exchanges, forwarding of invoices and quibbling over what is covered. We will take care of everything.

Warranty is for Engine & Gearbox, Back To Base Only as stated below:

(3 months or 1000 miles warranty whichever comes first - for engine and gear box only any vehicle less than ten years or under and less than 100k mileage)


Oil pump, Crankshaft, Big end bearings, Main bearings, Thrust Bearings, Camshaft & foliowers, Valves and valve guides, Pistons,Gudgeon pins, Piston Rings, Con rods, Cylinder head, Distributor Drive, Oil Seals and gaskets, Clutch when affected by oil leaks.

Gearbox (Manual)

All internal components including – Main shaft, Lay gear, All gears, Synchro-hub assemblies, Baulk rings, Needle rollers, Bearings, Oil seals and gaskets. Excluding all external linkage.

Gearbox (Automatic, incl. semi/auto Gearboxes)

Oil pumps, Bands,Torque converter,Valve block housing, Governor valve, Oil Seals and Gaskets , Speedo drive, but excluding all electrical parts & external linkage. Speedo drive, but excluding all electrical parts & external linkage.

Oil Seals & Gaskets applicable for vehicles under 100,000 miles ONLY.

Any of warranty work to be carried out by Seller on ”Back to Base” Basis , it is buyers responsibility to return vehicle to seller without causing more damage if warranty work is required  and it is buyers responsibility to arrange their own transport if needed .

Any warranty related work expenses that been carried out elsewhere will not be covered by seller.

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